Aiko Hilkinger is an award-winning, queer, German-Japanese screenwriter from Colombia. She has been writing for over five years, primarily in fantasy and animation, and was recently named one of Network ISA's 'Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch'. Hilkinger creates magical worlds filled with diverse characters that children and teenagers can relate to and see themselves represented in.


Hilkinger wants to be a commercial successful animation writer, who pushes for diversity and inclusion in her stories. But most importantly, she believes that through her animation work she can connect with kids and help teach healthy communication and to own up to their mistakes.

Through her love of mythology and folklore, Hilkinger grounds her stories on tales of the past as she works for a more inclusive and diverse future.

"Because I've had such a very diverse cultural upbringing, my goal is to create stories where kids can see themselves represented in the characters they love."