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Aiko Hilkinger (she/they) is an award-winning, queer screenwriter of color from Colombia. Her fantasy animated pilots have placed in numerous contests, most notably she was a winner of the WeScreenplay TV Contest in 2022, and one of Network ISA's 'Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch' in 2021.

Inspired by her multicultural background, mythology and fables, the Barbie Movies, Studio Ghibli, and fandom culture of the 2010s, Aiko writes children and young adult stories about ordinary people going on extraordinary magical adventures, ones that she wishes she could’ve gone on when she was a kid.

She strives to tell diverse and inclusive stories, using them as a gateway to reconnect with her inner child and rep mixed, queer kids and teens like her. Her stories explore coming of age themes like self-discovery, acceptance, identity, mental health in order to show them they deserve to see themselves represented in the characters and media they love to show them that they're not alone in their experiences.


Aiko is managed by Lyra Tan at Gersh.

Contest Placements

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